Mac book , design

Posted: November 14, 2008 in My Designs

I have made this pic by using photoshop CS3 program

If u like it tell me why and if u don’t tell me why too

best regards 



  1. N!cE GiRl says:

    hiiiii jewel

    ta9ameeeem rooo3a kteeeeeeeer 7alween

    wa had lono 7alo..

  2. Alaya says:

    Hi Jewel ,
    I really like it , and i wish u have hi res to be a wallpaper.



    zakaria alaya (3layah)

  3. 0ojewelo0 says:

    Hi and welcome friends ,,,,
    im very glad to see ur comment here , and i will try to give u the best tooo
    thank you very much
    best regards

  4. DR_SOHBA says:

    hello gewel,

    pretty design.

    you are a professional.

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