Free Mac Games

Posted: January 5, 2009 in Mac OS X



Enter Mac Games 

         Mac Games and More is maintained by one person (Cate Defrise). However the focus of this site is to recognize and publicize the work of independent Mac developers, the people who rarely get noticed.  

     So, the main intention of Mac Games and More is to support the work and creative minds of shareware developers, game developers and Mac products, as well as appreciate the work of Apple, its computers and all its hardware, software and peripherals — and any news surrounding these products and the community of Mac Users, including participants of Mac User Groups (MUGS). This site is for everyone, including PC users that just want to browse or may be interested in switching to Mac.

  1. Mostly companies design the games for the ordinary PC computers because these games easily match with the compatibility of the personal computer as well as majority people have Microsoft windows installed on their PCs. So companies don’t focus much on designing the Mac games and it becomes difficult to download mac games from any ordinary PC game website. But there is no need to worry as our website gives all types of Mac games which have same features which a Mac computer should have, to run these games.

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