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Over time we have built up a collection of 287 free PowerPoint templates and themes. We have made available a wide range of these designs for you to download for free.




Are you looking for some ideas of how to improve your next PowerPoint presentation? Here are some expert PowerPoint ideas that could make your next presentation fly.

1. Add in pictures

Nothing improves a presentation like the addition of pictures. According to research of information that we receive during a presentation 55% is visual.
To add in a picture select Insert > Picture > From File

2. Animate your presentation

PowerPoint presentations have a tendency to be rather flat. A great way way of improving you PowerPoint is to add in animation or to use builds.

To get your slides animated you need to use the custom animation feature in PowerPoint. For a quick guide on how to animate read our PowerPoint animation guide.

There are a large number of animation types available in PowerPoint, but the ones that seem to work best are Appear, Wipe and Box Out.

By far the most professional animation feature is the Fade Fade feature. The only problem is that this only available in PowerPoint 2002 (often referred to as PowerPoint XP). If you send a file with Fade animation to a PowerPoint 97 user then these effects do not build properly. As much as I love the Fade feature – in practice I cannot use it.

A lot of speakers do not like using animation as when they are speaking they can get out of synch with the animation. This is easily solved by selecting build automatically feature rather than the build on mouse click feature.


3. Include screen shots

Screen shots are really easy to include in a presentation. Here is an example.

To include a screen shot simply press the Print Screen button. This button, sometimes labeled “Prt Scrn”, appears towards the top right hand side of the keyboard. If you are using a Microsoft keyboard you may have to select function lock first.

This will then copy the screen into the clipboard. You can then paste the screen shot into you presentation by using Edit > Paste or pressing the Control-V (press the Ctrl key and letter V at the same time).


We hope that this provides you with a few ideas

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Microsoft Excel Training

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Microsoft Excel Training

This is a free website for learning and self practicing all the basics of Excel.

Free PowerPoint templates

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free tmplet

If you’re looking for free PowerPoint templates, you came to the right place. We have a great collection of backgrounds, templates and more inspirational free stuff to build stunning presentations. All templates are free to download and includes 2 or more slides ready-to-use. Download, unzip and take full control over your PowerPoint presentations.


300 FREE


PowerPoint Templates



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The Microsoft Office 2007 video tutorials were developed by doctoral students at Wilkes University to meet project requirement in our Instructional Development & Delivery (ED 641) course. The videos were created using the Jing Project and Microsoft Office Tutorials.

Please note: The video tutorials are only available via download. Adobe Flash Player and Shockwave are required to view these tutorials. Click here to download this free software.

here is an example 

office 2007





Microsoft Office Tutorials

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Office Tutorials

The  Office 

 97/98/2000/XP-2002/2003 and 2007 tutorials, contained on this website, are available, at no cost, to anyone who desires to download them.

What Is ICDL ?

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European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL), known as ICDL outside Europe, is the global standard in end-user computer skills, offering Candidates an internationally recognised certification that is supported by governments, computer societies, international organisations and commercial corporations globally.

ECDL / ICDL is the world’s largest end-user computer skills certification programme, with more than 7 million Candidates in 148 countries. 

ECDL / ICDL raises the level of ICT and computer skills and allows Candidates to be more productive at home and at work. ECDL / ICDL also improves job prospects by providing an internationally recognised qualification. With a superior syllabus – uniquely validated to ensure that it is always relevant, up-to-date and meaningful – Candidates can be confident that ECDL / ICDL offers a certification of unrivalled quality. 

* European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) is known as International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) outside Europe.

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